sometimes its all about confidence...

A better week - I'm now 38... and got 3 decent runs in - 3 runs that I was able to smile through and enjoy...

The first 5 km, was in the dark - work got in the way of a lunchtime jog, so around the the local part did I take my partner in crime - nice and gentle, avoiding the pot holes and dog mess by the force (or the smell!).

The second was a case of "charge the bl**dy GPS watch if you want to know how fast you've been" - the route is 5 miles, and on Thursday it was a very very wet 5 miles - probably took just over an hour.

Friday was Xmas shopping - almost all done:-)

Saturday was the dreaded day itself, and with an eye to what I did today (actually with no eye to it at all) I had a fry up, burritos and then sausage and mash - well its your birthday only once a year!

So an evening at the Liverpool Catholic Cathedral - don't worry, no sudden conversion! Carmen Barina... No, I had no idea whatever until a more classically minded friend said it was the full version of the music from The Omen!

All good fun, and then there was today... One of the issues I face is my little demons sitting on my shoulder and telling me what I can't do... The voice of many a PE teacher, the odd doctor and so on over 30 years telling me what I can't do... And so I occasionally need to do the distance just to prove that I can do it...

So off I set today to do 26.2 miles, the watch was set up to give me 7hours and 30 if I kept to the pace... However, I turned around after walking the 1st 13.1miles and felt remarkably good and saw that there was a outside chance of bringing it in under 7 hours... all that it would take is about 5 miles of running in the last 10... After 16miles, not the best of prospects but it was a go-er...

And it went well - dragging the last 500m at a run was a little tiring, but work - 6:59:43 isn't much under 7, but it is under 7:-)

So confidence is built, I have 28 weeks to shave 30 min off this time to finish before the close the gates at Edinburgh.... And if you believe that I'm going to be happy with only knocking 30min off you haven't read enough into this blog!

and the run - here

Right off to find the deep heat!




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