The GUCH Walking Club's Annual Peak District Trip

Its not often I'll positively recommend a company but the placed the GUCH Walking Club stayed this weekend was so good I'll make an exception!

Centrally located, very nicely equipped, warm (almost too warm for some GUCHs!) and not outrageously priced.

Anyway on to the walking - this was the end of my 2 weeks recovery from my marathon distance exploits - so the last 2 weeks have been 2 night time 5kms and a 5 mile stroll.

The Peak District is where the GWC started, and going back is always an absolute joy - getting there with one a day early also means that as well as a long walk to a couple of my favourite walking shops (14km) I could tailor a walk just for them... ok, slightly extended by the stepping stones over the Derwent being underwater, but still tailored to their wants.

Then it was off to another GWC favourite - Chatsworth House - a good solid 7km around the woods (no cabinet ministers this year though!), seeing the aqueduct that feeds the gravity fountain and then undoing the good work with a pasty!

I'll be sending the recipe for the GWC pork and peppered cheese to the CHF for their recipe book - as its easy to cook, tasty (and its not just me who says so) and just what you need to warm your innards!

Continuing the theme of food, the Sunday breakfast was award winning sausages, Chatsworth cured bacon and sauteed potatoes... The GWC may walk, but we also eat!

A gentle potter and then it was off home - another good weekend had, with plenty of plans for the next 2 years.




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