It’s been awhile…

Oppsy – the blog has been unwritten for many a month.  There has been a series of very good reasons, but still the blog has been unwritten.

However, I’ve said I write the blog best when I’m running well – and I’m not running well, the hip injury from months ago is still lurking, mainly hurting when I’ve sat down for far too long.  Which given I have a sitting down job and spend significant hours sat on a train getting around the country is a bit of a bugger…

So as I’ve started groping towards getting back into the running its time for a catch-up montage blog…

The degree is over; I’ve submitted my last Tutor Marked Assessment and passed the last module and now have a silly amount of letters to add after the other letters after my name – BA (Hons) Open (Open) – so I stand astride CP Snow’s two worlds, a scientist who loves science and a student of the Arts (as in Art History) with large dollops of Religious Studies and Heritage Studies.  The Open University is a curates egg – at its best it was brilliant, and I’m sitting here smiling remembering the tutorials on Heritage Studies and Religion, the hours I spent peering at art works, architecture and piecing together object biographies. At its worst it’s a slog, with disinterested tutors who don’t seem to be able to follow their own guidance and a bureaucracy that makes this bureaucrat shudder in horror.

The door handle of medals looks good, but the times they are so slow… I’m heavier, slower and less determined than the early part of last year.  Some of that is because last year was so good… Those PBs came, through hard work and sweat, with occasional blood… This year, I’m running for the medals and barely running in between.  But I’ve still got around four half marathons, a smattering of others and still am smiling… most of the time.

So far so boring, but what is taking my time…

The bad is the fact that the adult congenital heart service in the North West has collapsed – a series of unfortunate events with surgeons, cardiologists and nurses leaving the service, at the same time its being reviewed.  Dealing with NHS administrators can be tiring when its not so important, but when it is important then that balance of having to suck up their veiled insults and patronising approach and not losing your temper it is intensely tiring.  The small group of excellent patients reps in the NW are doing a great job is keeping the pressure on, but it takes time…

The good is that Jiminy Cricket and I have moved into together and haven’t killed each other… yet!  My mountain of odd socks is a cause for concern; in my defence my old place was a bit dingy so I probably didn’t notice them being odd.   There are still boxes that need to be investigated, bags to rummaged in, but the important things is we’re together and enjoying each other’s company.

So, where next – me and Jiminy are off to Lisbon for another half (and a trip around the town), there’s another Rough Runner (obstacles, water, and a 10k) – yes the last one I did in a kilt – and beat the reaper.  I’ve also got my dicky ticker check-up and the usual randomness of life will throw spanners, hammers and bananas but on we will plod.

I promise a blog a month… maybe more, but life is being lived….




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