The 2016 Medal Haul

I've said before that I'm a medal whore... show me something shiny and I'm there... Not for me the Gold, Silver or Bronze of the Paralympics, or Olympics, but something more tangible.

Headstones (from beating the reaper), Rudolph's from Santa Dashes, representations of Mad Dogs, Countries, Romulan WarBirds, drum kits, the Liver Buildings and not forgetting Sefton Park and Scousers!

In piles, its shows five x 5ks, one 8kish, six x 10k, two x Half Marathons and one Marathon... And then the bonus medals - two guitars with spinning plectrums, a juke box, a pair of headphones and a giant globe (if you too like medals check out Rock and Roll runs - always well organised and bonus medals galore for the dedicated whore).

The medals are tangible, solid memories of the firsts - first fancy dress race, first overseas race, first virtual run, and my first 10k under an hour.  They clank as a reminder of what I have done and hint at what I will do in 2017.

Something's are set for 2017, the Liverpool Rock and Roll, the Sefton 5 & 10k, the Mad Dog, The GNR, and next weekend the Wirral Way Half Marathon - a new race, its first running and me barely keeping the dust off my trainers.  My only "advantage"... Many years ago when unsure if I could survive running a marathon, I did the Wirral Way as a there and back... With a few added miles it was my first marathon.  No medal, no t-shirt, just a memory as strong as a medal induced first.

Yes I need a longer arm on my sofa!

So, I hope 2017 is great and look forward to seeing some of you on the hunt for medals!




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