I suppose it had to happen... A near perfect marathon training period, only marred by the heat of the run itself.  A cracking month of learning to ride a bike again and then doing my first big bike ride... And then I should have switched back to running... and I did for a whole week...

The plan was to start building the hills in for the Ultra in mid-Aug.. So off to the Peak District I went, a merry walk to the youth hostel from Edale station - some of my favourite miles in the world...

However. somewhere along the way I jarred or twisted my knee... and spent a painful 2km walking down the backside of Losehill...

Now an injury should be a massive bruise, a whole body scrape or something which is spurting blood... Mine is a dull ache, an awareness of something not quite right, a pressure that nags at me when I'm walking.

RICE has been engaged, as has ibuprofen internally and externally and a week and a bit later its still there, a pressure on the inside of my right knee that niggles, makes me narky, and really means I don't feel like chancing  a run on it.

And so its strapped, and I'm being sensible - no runs, no bike rides, bend and stretch, keep the strap on... try not to eat too much.

It might take a few days to get better, or it might take weeks... If the former, then Dublin for the rock & roll half will be my first long run before the Ultra.  If the latter its will be my test to see if its worth starting the Ultra - if I can't get through a Half marathon without minimal pain then I've no place on the start line of a 30 mile ultra ...

Yup, that's an injury!




  1. I agree with you, an injury should be something that can be seen or felt in a more debilitating way. With an injury like you have, it can be more annoying than anything. I think you are doing good for yourself on taking a break and resting. Hopefully you will heal quickly and can get back to your training!


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