Naming Rights

Let's get the apologies out of the way first, this blog post is in no way a criticism of anyone who likes to call themselves by these names, or indeed calls their children by these names, or indeed siblings, cousins, etc etc etc... It is the musings of me, on what some people have called me.

There's an odd thing about names, they're given to you at birth and you are (in the main) stuck with them; nicknames can come and go (yes, I will always be Polo to some), but without deed poll or marriage (for half the population) we tend to be stuck with what we're given.

Letters after the name we earn, or go through a lengthy nomination and selection process for others...

So why do people decide I'm a "heart warrior"... I know warriors, I grew up in Aldershot and Sandhurst, I respect and admire many of them and am terrified of a few of them.  What I do know is they don't don't fight all the time, they can't they'd burn out.  If I tried to fight my heart condition I'd burn out in months or years...

Or why am I brave - brave is doing something I don't want to for some reason, normally for the benefit of others.  Looking after my heart, up to and including any operations I need to have in the future, is basically me being selfish.  If I'm in pain I'll take drugs, if I need to cry, trust me I'll cry.  (Also applies to hero).

Inspirational - I've written about before, and stand by it... If you want to be inspired by me, please be inspired by something I've done above and beyond eating, breathing and functioning like a normal human being.  I'm inspired by all sorts of people, for all sorts of reasons; the artist who makes my see things in a new way, the campaigner who does things behind the scenes that no one else will ever know about, or, someone doing something that scares them for the first time (heart condition or not). My other musings are here - ACHA Blog

At the end of the day I can't control what people call me, and probably after this (despite the apologies at the top) I'll be called all sorts... But I may well start charging....




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