So this is Christmas... a runners retrospective

Christmas is one of those times where I take a breath, look back and reflect...

and when reflecting its very easy to concentrate on the bits that are worst, or closest - the lingering cold that won't shift, the months with an injured foot and ankle, the grumbling intermittent attempts to get back into running...

Which would be doing myself, and this year, a disservice - the near perfect execution of a training plan, and then a PB marathon and my second fastest marathon and then a two-hour PB on my favourite ultra. It would be forgetting the second fastest half marathon and trekking across Hadrian's Wall in three and a half days. Oh, and the fourth highest mountain England.

And most of all it would be forgetting my friends, those who run, those I run with, and those who look on in horror. 

Looking back there's only one run that continues to frustrate me, the Fellsman - that dangerous obsession I've acquired for every April.  I've tried training specifically for it, and I've tried marathon training for it. I've got lost and injured respectively - will the third time be the charm? I don't know, but we will find out:-)

And thus with a single remembrance I've gone from reflective to prospective, the thoughts of building my fitness levels are making me smile... Yes, my weirdness remains intact:-)
So thank you for reading my inane mutterings, may your Christmas' be excellent and bring you whatever you wished for.  If you're looking for a more active Santa, then may I recommend the Keswick variant...



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