I am (not) Iron Man

I was called Iron Man by someone this weekend, mainly for the heart thing... To repeat something I've said before I've no intention of trying to do an Iron Man Tri - I may be mad, but... just but...

However, despite not being a dead ringer for Robert Downey Jr, not bring the correct personality type (as mentioned in an ACHA blog)  nor having a multi-billion budget, let alone a Pepper Potts to organise my life I would occasionally like a systems check from a Jarvis...

So, Jarvis - systems check

Yes Sir, top to bottom or bottom to top?

Let's start at the bottom...

Feet, within acceptable tolerances.

Ankles, left strong.  Right, residual weakness, may I suggest that you maintain the strapping

Recommendation noted - and accepted.

Calves - less strong than earlier in the year, Sir

That'll be two months off Jarvis...

Yes Sir, just ensuring you are factoring this into your calculations Sir.

Thank you Jarvis

Knees, surprisingly good for a man of your age and recreational activities. Thighs, similar to calves. Hip, slight tendonitis on the right.

An old injury, more like a friend these days, continue...

Core strength, within acceptable tolerances, but at the lower end - recommend restarting core strengthening activities

Agreed - Gym activities restart after GNR/Hadrian's wall...

Upper body strength, good - as evidenced by your holding some climbs you'd not have done recently

After a raise Jarvis?

More preparing you for the less good news, Sir. 

Well Sir, you could do with losing a bit of weight...


Really Sir?
Jarvis, I've been doing endurance events, and been injured... If I didn't need to lose weight I'd be surprised.

There are times Sir where your logic is impeccable


Your other issues Sir, well they are beyond my capabilities.

Thank you Jarvis - the cardiology check-up is October and the diabetes one should be November.

Very well Sir... Sir, what is your plan for the GNR?

Steady and controlled Jarvis.  I had hoped to be able translate the endurance work down with speed, but that hasn't happened. The plan will be to do it marathon style - 900m running, 100m walking and just tick them off..

And then the walk Sir, that walk which my databanks suggest most people do in seven days, and you are planning to do in four...

Jarvis, you're my butler, not my mother... For information, the only day that poses a significant challenge is Once Brewed to Carlisle... 27 miles. And as I'm staying in a bed, rather than camping, I have the luxury of arriving late and sleeping in comfort.

Comfort, Sir?

Relative comfort Jarvis.

Agreed Sir... Anything else Sir?

No Jarvis... I think that will do...   

So, systems check over - the climbing is going well, the running is getting there.  The injuries are clearing up and most importantly the passion is returning (not sure are auto-butler would pick that up).



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