This is not a missed run, this is a prolonged rest period...

I'm not good when I'm ill... I hate having a cold, I detest taking more lotions and potions than I have to do to keep the systems working.

However, the cold I predicted before the run in to London has finally landed with avengeance, at the same time as I've been dealing with hayfever.  One masked the other and the 10k on Thursday was probably more of a warning sign than I picked up on.

So, sudefed & lemsip capsules and more calories than you can imagine have been thrown down my neck - yesterday was awful, today just bad.  Tomorrow is back to work, so of course I'll be better by 10am...

It was meant to be a 13 miler this weekend, so I'm switching to positive mental imaging... and hoping that'll get me around Liverpool.

I did a 26.2 mile training run with a few (36,000) of my friends and took a stunning 12 min off my PB in London.  Since then I've run well within myself, walked a few miles with a few thousand feet of ascent, been injured, recovered got a cold.... Compared with many of my friends I should just shut the feck up and get on with it. Which is sort of where I'm going with this.  

I'm not as race sharp as I was going into London, but my legs also aren't as tired.  Liverpool was always my bonus marathon, and the one I was planning to enjoy.  Which sounds odd, but I know I can beat the sweeper van walking (PB walked marathon 7:05 - yes the 5 is annoying), and will just take it easy.  There's a bottle of cobra beer at the end of the Rock & Roll, so the effort will be rewarded.

So, time to wipe my nose (again), and start planning for next week - Children's Heart Week... My teddy (Perkins the Penguin) will be joining me at work, I'll be joining in some of the cyber insanity and then at the end of the week I'll be back on water, charging around a dock on a dragon boat... See I may be miserable when I'm ill, but I'm still looking forward to stuff...




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