Challenge complete... Next!!!

I'm done...

The math is simple 4000km in a year equals 77km a week for the year. The challenge was to equal 25 miles a week for the year to celebrate the Children's Heart Federation's 25 years of supporting families and children born with heart conditions.

Seventy Seven? Yes, that's rather more than the 40km that 25 miles would require... but as normal its the extra steps that I count, my baseline distance a day walking to work, popping to the shops ect is 5k, so taking 35km a week hurts, but is right for me... 42km, just a bit extra to make sure, and make it a Marathon a week (just cos it feels right😁).

So, I could vegetate do nothing but sit on my rump, but that's not really in my nature... and I have one bugbear that I want to itch the scratch of.  The night hike, the pushing brain and legs through the night, pushing my control of tiredness to the limit.

So my final hurrah is a night-ultra distance hike... 35miles around the Wirral Circular Trail, starting at sundown on the longest night of the year... no medals, no t-shirts, just a night of pacing and pushing😊

I couldn't do my mad antics without a collection of friends who hide in the shadows offering sage advice, and occasionally remind me that I am human and do need to take the odd break.  There's also those not in the shadows, the team at CHF who furnish me with a variety of running tops, both for me and for a variety of mascots... Everyone whose cheered me on, given encouragement, just shaked their head in amusement as I've gone past, especially the lunatics of the 100 mile run - a bunch of nutters who sort of make me look normal😏.  Also a thank you to the kids and adults with dickey tickers, and their families and friends, for the support - many of you go through things that make my longest ultra just a walk in the park.

So, a night hike to plan; next years runs to start building for... not a bad end to a challenge 😁

Thank you all




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