The no pressure run

I've done everything I hoped to on two feet this year already, 2012 was the year of the pb - 10% off every one,  apart from the marathon where it was 'only' 5%...

2013 has been about going long, as long as I thought I could go and then the next day, and the day after that... I've only got one pb... 5 miles,  painfully close to my dream time of under 50min, but still a shade to go.

Top 5 5ks,  second fastest 10k and way back in the snow of Cambridge my second fastest half Marathon...

So,  it's back to Newcastle.  Where all of this running stuff began,  a course that I used to consider hilly (!) and the friendliest people on a course you could want.  This is the run I suggest for non-runners, for those who want to say I've done a half and no more, and those who've never done a big run.  It's not perfect, sometimes it's a long way from that but by hell is fun!

So,  no pressure. My 'speed' work has consisted of 3 fairly speedy for me 5ks, and 2 8:32 miles... Apart from that, 20 & 11 miles in the Peak don't really count.

So,  race strategy...  If the weather is at forecast,  wet,  windy & chilly then it's pedal to the metal and hope my endurance carries me through... If hot then I may just tuck in and enjoy the experience...

See you on the other side




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