Back to Basics


it's time...

Time to get my lardy arse into action. 

Yup, I've been doing a lot of walking. Yup, I've done a fair distance.  Nope, I've not look after what's gone in as well as I have done in the recent past. Yup, I've used every excuse in the book.

Yup, I'm heavier than I should be and its affecting my climbing.

So, the solution is simple.

Go back to what work - a lighter diet, and switch back to running.

And not to beat myself up - this isn't scourging and purification, this is sensible eating and increasing the output.

Every little bit helps.

And I'm not beating myself up - this hasn't (yet) been a year of PBs - 2012 was remarkable for that.  But I have run a 5 mile PB, and my second fastest half marathon. 

And I have had fun in the Peak District, walking in full on winter conditions, walking in half on winter conditions, night hikes and boggy slogs.  When I go back, it'll be to toughen up for the Peak Ultra I'll be doing in 9 weeks. 

Before then, I've miles to go.  May is traditionally the month I head to the hills for a week - so this year its Scotland, the Great Glen Way and a couple of days in and around Fort William. 

So, a gentle 5km jogged today.  A very gentle 10 miles tomorrow, and slowly the runner will be back.




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