High Speed Hopscotch...

This was my fun run, a gentle 10 miles over and around some of my favourite countryside.

Nothing special.

And I smiled and I loved it.

Yes, my pack was overloaded (trying to do an overnight with a 20l running sack was a push).  Yes, I was slower than I should be (must remember to focus).

However, up past North Lees Hall (home to the Eyres) and through some damn fine bouldering - I was amazed a climber was up and cranking as I went past (ok, they could drive up closer than me).  Up through the cleft up onto the Edge itself, and then the hopscotch began... From rock, to rock, via bog and clumps of snow.  It wasn't fast at all, just gentle plodding, faster than I'd walk; slower than I'd run.

Then across to Burbage Rocks, more hopscotch or the gentler path?  For once I took the gentler path, half a mind on next weekends, and meandered down, along the road for a bit before the detour to Millstone Edge, a cut down through an industrial archaeologist's wet dream, and then into Hathersage along the Derwent. 

10 and a quarter miles run, 1500ft up and down, in metric, 16.45km & 460m.  That'll do, it'll have to do... I don't think Cambridge will be so hilly...



ps the difference in height gain - I map on OS mapping, the US military doesn't include every lump and bump...


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