Challenge 25...

Ok, it's 2013...

It's an important year for The Children's Heart Federation as we're going to be 25 years old.

A quarter of a century...

So how should this be marked? 

The CHF website will have the details of the big set piece events - the dragonboat racing, the biking across Jordan and so on... But I'll be doing my normal of plodding the miles out.

My first target is going to be one I should be able to do - basically duplicate this year - 25 miles a week, on average for 52 weeks. 2092km in a year, 1300 miles...

So, with a mile and a bit between friends, a marathon a week...

The stretch target, the if I get it all correct target, is 2500km in 2013 - see that magic number 25... Ok there's a change of units, but I'm some loose grip on my faculties!  2500km is 1553 miles, or a shade under 30 miles a week.

What will make the difference between the two targets, well keeping it going throughout the year, my 2 months "off" following the Ultra kept my mileage down.

Can I keep it going for an entire year, with only sensible rest and recovery periods... I honestly don't know.

And that's perhaps the best way to be, as with so much in the dickey ticker world I live in, the answer is we don't know.  The oldest of us are living so far beyond expectation that it's the only answer, my generation (probably 3rd generation GUCH) are such a mixed bag that its the only answer and the generations coming behind us... well with the improvements in surgery, care and everything else...

Not knowing isn't nice, so we learn from the science, from others experience, try and assess against older ones or just different ones - which is why we get involved with groups like the CHF. 

Which is why I'm off into the unknown - 2500km.

This year, so far - 30km - 15km run, 15km walked.

So anyone fancy joining me on a journey into the unknown - your Challenge 25 can be something completely different




  1. I am going to join you with this anniversary challenge but not quite the amounts you are doing sadly... Good Luck Paul xxx


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