End Game?

The miles they are beginning to flow... 5 miles yesterday, 10 miles today, add in the two fast-ish 5km's in the week and the bits and bobs and I'm getting close to my target for the year - 2012km in 12 months.

I've 45km to go - worst case I know I can do that in that in one go, probably just over 6h worth of effort...

That's it about 6h... I hate to think how many I've spent on my feet since 1st Jan to get to this point, and yet when I do I smile.  I've been and done a range of new adventures... Which I'll round up when the year is up, as I may still have some more to add...

So where will I finish, if all goes well this week, and I get to run while in London at the start of the week, and fit a run in around Panto practise (and the day job), then I'm hoping I can finish with a few good friends on the flanks of Mam Tor. If I can't fit it all in then it'll probably be at Chatsworth House (still with a few good friends).

I'm not back to full running, I've not run further than 5km for a while, and I know I need to be shortly - first race of 2013 isn't too far away... and I need to find a hill, and run up it and down it many times before then. Yup, I've got a hilly one, or two early in 2013...

So I'd better get back to the packing, two days in London, two in the office... and then the Peak District:-)





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