So ramping up begins, with a PB

It's Ultra Time...

Well the start of the training...

And what a start - a 10km PB, which if I allowed myself such luxuries included a 5km and a 5 mile PB... Unfortunately I don't, so I'll just have to go out and run those distances as fast, or faster, again!

The British 10k isn't a particularly nice route, the views are fantastic, but the twists and turns and two 180 degree hairpin spins slow you down to a walk as you go around them - well slow me down to walk!

It's also, normally, a humid run - the tree lined boulevards, tunnels and proximity to the river see to that - and at times I made the conscious decision to slow down (slightly) to avoid broiling.

So how come the PB? Honestly, it just felt right.  I'd got the food and drink side of things right, I felt good in the legs so decided what the hell.

So despite the shoe lace coming undone, and the two people who ran into me, and the woman who pulled up directly in front of me necessitating a two handed move that in a club would've got me slapped, I got there:-)

So, what next? Miles... and Miles:-)

And before I go, a big Well Done to all of the Children's Heart Federation runners, every step you taking, every pound you make - makes a real difference. Also to the 2 others with congenital heart defects (it's complicated in one case), its nice not to be alone out there!  




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