Bags packed...

This is just about it...

700 miles of training, 2 pairs of trainers worn out, countless hours in the gym, at the climbing wall and on the streets pounding away.

Test runs are run, kit is checked, carbs are loaded, motivation is loaded so must be about time to go out and do it.

And that's where the Nottingham Ultra already has done its job, the other marathon's I've done I've been focused on them to the exclusion of most over things.  This time is different, its a job to be done - a hard, best part of 6h solid job, but a job.

So my plan for the weekend...

Tomorrow - long lay-in, late breakfast, travel to airport, late lunch - fly to Belfast, crash at Youth Hostel - use the kitchen to get some light carbs.

Sunday - off to the Expo, pick up race number 216, and then get my supplies for the run - fortunately I can use most of the brands out there, so a tour of the shops will be fun.

More light pasta meals, generally try and get loose and stay loose

Monday - up early, kit up, run starts at 9...

26.2 miles later I finish... and hopefully I'll have leads on a decent lemon meringue pie!



ps I won't be bloggng until next week so if you want to know how I get on sooner twitter @paulwillgoss or adding me on facebook is your best bet 


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