It's CHRISSTTTTTTMASSSSSSS (or something like that) and please double your donation!

Ok, its not even November...

But Reindeer have been spotted, discarded wrapping paper blown around like confetti, the inevitable bumps and scrapes (my right elbow), the mistaken paternity (me again... explanation below), oh and some bloke with a beard... went Ho Ho Ho a lot... wore a natty line in red, with white trimmings

I probably mangled my lines when I thanked some of our supporters and families for the help they've given CHF over the last year, but the reason I keep going and keep doing the mildly insane things I do is because of the look on the kids faces when they realise who they're going to see, and then that they can dance the night away.

But its also the look on the parent's faces, brothers and sisters and the CHF Staff and volunteers, because it's about making all of those involved in making a kid with a heart condition a rounded human being enjoy themselves, have a laugh and a bop...

Which in a weird way brings me to my 40th, my friends (who are my family) made sure it was a hell of a weekend. Tomorrow I'll be booking myself my day of being trained as a spy, and the GPS watch has already seen action running, walking and in the gym...

Other than that much of the last month has been taken up with running and walking - the 40 km for the 4 weeks over your 40th has taken a lot of time. But is been done, and completed by running back into Alton Towers this morning.

The next challenge? I have a stone to lose (14lb) before the Belfast Marathon - why, cos I'm naffed off with being flagged for having a high BMI. So if I get it down I won't get hassle.

Now if anyone wants to donate for any of my challenges then please help CHF, by donating during the Big Give Week - 5th to 9th December - Your donation will be worth twice as much

Please if you can give during that week, it'll mean we can take more kids to see Santa, and more DJ's can mistake the overgrown kid (me) for a dancing dad... And then, to the amusement of all, announce it to the world at large...




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