Don't sponsor me - sponsor them - The Norfolk Coastal Path...

There a couple of similarities between the Norfolk Coastal Path and the Coast 2 Coast...

They have the word coast in...

And my luck with the weather seemed to stay set to "Wet"...

The main similarity is that walking any reasonable distance day after day has a cumulative effect on your body, its in some ways harder to walk (with a days food water and gear) 2 half marathons on consecutive days than it is to run a marathon in a day.

Day 1 - Cromer to Weybourne

A blustery, wet day... An inspired route out of Cromer, but went into interesting woodlands and pretty much the only hills of the walk... A day for testing waterproofs and finding decent tea shops in Sheringham (to drip in and drink tea!)

Day 2 - Weybourne to Stiffkey


And Sausages... It's a long story... But Cley Next the Sea wins the best named, and accurate, bus stop name - Delicatessen.

Day 3 - Skiffkey to Burnham Overy Staithe

Finishing with a long hard section on the sand, with the wind howling wasn't the easiest way of finishing the day... However, we had fortified ourselves with excellent chips at Wells:-)

Day 4 - Burnham Overy Staithe to Thornham

When the guidebook says part of today is a trudge, then its not good... However, we did see twitchers, twitching for Montague's Harriers and were bitten by some rather large flies...

Day 5 -Thornham to Hunstanton

The boardwalk carried us through most of dunes, and then the sight of the Hunstanton cliffs and the thought of a long promised fish and chip lunch drove us on!

There were no bands to welcome us in, and if they had been there they'd not have been for me - but for those who'd also done Peddar's Way or those for those this multi-day walking isn't a regular occurrence...

So don't sponsor me, sponsor them: - mad people! - did damn good (new shoes and all)

As for me, its back to the marathon training, but the weeks isn't all work, climb, run, work, climb, run... for on Thursday is Maiden Night and the world shall rock:-D

Oh, and a special thank you for Norfolk Green - never has a week's walking been so entertained, and helped, by a team of cheerful and knowledgable bus drivers!




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