And I'm last, and it felt good:-D

Yes, finally I'm last:-)

It's been a long time since school and the torture of being slow clapped over the finish line, but 25 years is a long time for a milestone and I'm happy to be there again:-D

Competitive runners, or anyone with a competitive bone will be confused by now...

So a bit of explanation... I'm happy to be out there and running, I was running to try out new things and for the first time in a month...

No stress, no pressure, hell I only entered the race on Monday...

All I had to do was get around, I kept to my variant of a walk/run routine - 1min walk/4 min run and kept it going for 10k.

I was trying out some off road shoes, they worked... I was trying out running with my new day sack (there is a reason, if I want to run over bits of the peak district I'll need a few more bits than my running pack with take) that worked... It was the first test of the new skin on my feet, that worked:-D

So why did coming last not bother me... Well, first I'm 25 years older, I know my strengths and speed while running isn't one of them... Endurance I can do though and that's what I'll be building on over the next 17 weeks as I build for the Liverpool Marathon.

The other thing which really helped was the great atmosphere of the run, every Marshall was chatty and encouraging and there was none of the crap the back of the pack runners often get.

So thanks to BugRuns ( for a good day, the commentator for a call out for Iron Heart Racing as I crossed the line and for 25 years of annoyance and irritation disappearing:-)




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