60 paces = 100m on the flat, 100 paces = 100m up...

and keep counting...

I've been on the Walking Group Leader training course... Yep, you can trained in how to lead groups out and about... 3 days in my one of favourite parts of the world with a bunch of people just like me (well, not quite but we'll come to that).

The WGL is designed to make sure that people taking groups out in the countryside have the skills to take them out and bring them back, the navigation training we did was probably harder than anything I would want to do with the GUCH Walking Group (though if they want to start following bearings across featureless bogs then I'm game) but its good to know that in the mental kit bag is the ability to walk on a bearing for a set distance to an attack point. It also means that my personal walking might just get a bit more scary... :-D

And I saw a mountain hare:-) First time I've seen a live one of them:-D

The night walk was interesting, not least because it was properly dark and the hill we came down would've been steep in daylight, but its a possibility that you'll get caught out in the dark so practice we did.

The camping barn was great, though some of those less used to barns were a little worried by the cosiness, the lack of lighting and the food options... Oh well, each has their own learning curve!

So what next, hopefully lots of days like this:
And not so many like this:

Though to worry the GWC (www.guchwalkingclub.org.uk) in that is Win Hill, our target for the weekend after next!




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