The next challenge...

Well decision made...

Time to get off my sorry fat ass and start aiming for a target, the running will underpin it but what the marathon has taught me is having the big target, the ultimate goal, focuses me more than I thought possible.

So, the target - 190 miles in 2 weeks, straight across England, from St Bee's to Robin Hood's Bay, crossing the Lake District, Pennines, Yorkshire dales and some of the best walking country the world has to offer.

When, well that'll be May next year... A long time away, but long enough to get my road fitness (which is still about as good as its ever been) enhanced and hill fitness added in. It also gives me time to start saving for the replacement kit I'll need (new ultra-lightweight tent, lightweight sleepingbag and camping mat) and to book the time from work.

So where to start doing things... getting my ass back into the running gear and stop being wishy washy about the Great North Run, start block booking some weekends for hard and fast walks with a full load (even if I don't use the gear, walking 13 miles with it will be good training). I'm also going to have to get back to the gym and start using the stepping machine to build the thigh strength up... Oh joy the gym!

It's too soon to hit my friends for sponsorship again, but as ever I'll try to raise awareness as I go... Looks like Perkin's will be going for a long walk, and I'll carry a flag saying what I'm doing and more importantly why...




  1. Oh - I'm so jealous Paul. My husband and I (I sound like the Queen!) would really like to do the Coast to Coast. We will do it but it will probably be in two halves as my knee and his achilles don't hold up too well with constant use. TBH we don't have a good leg between us :-D And you're going to camp too? Now that really is a step too far!

  2. Looking forward for more running post in your blog. Keep running!!!


  3. Amy,

    the running will be back...

    This week was a good one - I set a new PB for 5k, 32:24:-D That means in 5th months I've PB'd - 5k, 5miles, 10k, 10miles, Half Marathon and Marathon:-D

    The Great North Run is just around the corner so more miles to do:-)



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